The Cursed Oaks Colliery

Being from Barnsley myself I thought I would write a post about England’s worse mining disaster.

Those of you who know me will have seen me conduct a couple of paranormal investigations at what I call the cursed oaks colliery. 

I have my own personal opinions as to why I believe this to be true, the amount of death that plagues this place makes you wonder if other unseen forces could be at work here.

At twenty past one on December 12th 1866 disaster struck.

As many as 91 children are believed to have perished

Some 361 miners, children and rescuers had lost their lives all within a 24 hour period.

The disaster happened after a series of explosions caused by methane igniting ripped through the inner workings.

A cage thrown up as a result of the explosion

Now let’s go back as to why I believe this place was cursed.

The first shaft was sunk sometime In the 1830s, but in 1845 two seperate explosions occurred. Luckily enough not many men were underground so only three or four lives were lost.

However in 1847 a much more serious incident took place here. Firedamp ignited in the old workings. 73 people were killed and only 26 were rescued.

One thing is for certain that amount of death that has taken place here really does make you wonder if something more sinister caused these explosions. 

The Soul Reaperz plan on returning to oaks colliery to try and free some of the spirits who are still trapped within this mass grave.

The ghost of oaks colliery has it stands today

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