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The dangers of paranormal investigating

Being an investigator myself, it is all fun and games, until someone gets hurt. And believe me it does happen.

When I first entered this field almost two years ago I was lucky enough to have some great mentors, they thought me how to protect myself from any negative entities but also told me how these unseen forces can literally wreck your life both physically and financially.

Over a short time I have personally witnessed the demise of an excellent investigator.

I have witnessed the demise of a great investigator

The man was someone who I really looked up to. He showed me everything I needed to know in order to make it in the field. In the end the need for fame and fortune destroyed him. 

Becoming obsessed and literally letting the paranormal take over your life is a real danger. Sometimes you just have to take a break and spend time with your family.

Being a paranormal investigator came natural to me. I didn’t need much training as I had educated myself over the years.

I constantly even to this day watch documentaries on the afterlife and even enjoy going on events with other teams to see how they work. Sharing knowledge is key in this field and just sharing ideas and watching each other work can reap real benefits.

When investigating it is important that a minimum of two people attend. This is a precaution mostly because of the risk of self injury. 

There is a chance you may be followed home. Yes not by the living, even though that is quite possible but by the dead or even something much worse…demons.

haters are always going to hate no matter what. This could be because of a personal dispute of just simply the fact that someone just doesn’t like you.

Then you have the jealous types who will try to bring you down even sinking as low as spreading and fabricating lies about yourself and even your team.

Prosecution is possible. Quite a few locations these days require written permission. So if you do investigate somewhere that is off limits then the responsibility for your actions will be on your own head.

But ultimately I believe the real dangers come from the general public. Many locations are secluded and all it takes is one nutcase and it could be all over.

It is like my grandad always says “it’s not the dead you should be scared of, it’s the living”

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