paranormal · personal encounter

Touched by the hands of an Angel

With her parents living there for over 40 years, Lesley Hudson of Sheffield grew up in the little suburb of Birley Carr.

Eventually growing up, Lesley along with her younger sister, left home to start the next chapter in their lives.

Occasionally Lesley would return to the family home to visit her mother, especially when she was pregnant with her eldest son Alex who is now a member of the Sheffield rock band Deadset Dream.

One night while sleeping Lesley was awoken by Mrs Ellis who was a dear family friend for many years.

Lesley Hudson had returned home as she struggled to get through a difficult time in her life

Sitting on the edge of the bed Mrs Ellis stroked Lesley’s forehead and told her that everything would be ok and not to worry.

At the time Lesley was really struggling, Alex’s father had recently left her, so Lesley did what anyone would do in that situation she returned home to seek comfort from her mother.

The most incredible thing about this story is that Mrs Ellis had passed over to the spirit world many years ago.

Could Mrs Ellis be Lesley’s newly assigned spirit guide, helping her and advising her on tough situations throughout her life, or was this simply a visit from a friend one last time?

Either way it is comforting to know that once we leave this world it certainly isn’t the end.

I would personally like to thank Lesley Hudson for sharing the fascinating tale.

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