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They came out of the TV

Clarice had many an experience with the paranormal since birth, but this time in particular the encounter was quite chilling and something which she will never forget.

She grew up in a small home in Monroe, Connecticut, (you may know this as the town in which the well known Paranormal Investigators, Ed (RIP) and Lorraine Warren reside).

Clarice Kusterer grew up in the same place the Infamous American paranormal investigators Ed ( RIP ) and Lorraine Warren Reside

Here below and in her own words is what happened during possibly one of the worst paranormal experiences I think I’ve personally heard of.

When I was younger, I was sitting in my parents living room, I was going through a lot then, spiritually, and there was always a negative presence following me.

I was sitting on the couch in the dark, thinking, as I always did at night since I barely slept. I hard a faint growling noise near the TV, we had those old two prong retractable antennas for the TV and I saw a ball of light, an orb, go into one prong and then into the other and run down the wire.

Clarice saw a ball of light with her own eyes enter both parts of the antenna

As the energy hit the floor it turned into two big hell-hounds. They looked like Dobermans, with red glowing eyes, darkness coming off of them like the heat you see come off of your car on a hot summer day, snarling with their horrific sharp teeth showing.

Clarice saw the hell hounds form right in front of her eyes

They bolted towards me with great speed, everything around me began to deteriorate slowly, as if I was entering another realm. The edges of the room looked like burning paper. They came right up to the edge of the couch, I could feel the cold breeze hit my face. I was unable to move and unable to shut my eyes, almost like sleep paralysis. They barked at me three times and then disappeared. Everything went back to normal but I will never forget that night.

Clarice Kusterer today

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