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I burned at the stake

So as a young girl my nan used to tell me that at the age of two I would often sit and talk about a past life.

She spoke about how I would curse people when they did wrong to me and I how I was burned at the steak for my witchy crimes.

I personally don’t remember any of this now but my nan said I spoke so clearly of my clothes, my home and even the people I knew at the time. 

One thing I do remember however is talking to a lady who would visit my nans every Sunday, always at 1pm at my nans side garden gate.I would stand and talk to her until I was called inside for my sunday roast.

Terri used to talk about how she remembered being burned at the stake

She was called Mrs wagstaff and owned the garage on hooten roberts lane. 

When I told my nan about the lady she said that she had passed 10 years before my birth but it was ok because she also spoke to her aswell . Mrs wagstaff was a dear friend of my nans.

Ive always had strange things happen around me, but I would often shrug them off, however the older I get the more I believe that they may have some connection to me.

Nothing major happened around me through my teen years, I dont know if this is because I was too busy rebelling and been a typical teenager or if I was just too scared to speak out about such things.

When I moved into my first house at Parkgate, Rotherham with my partner on the 23rd of December at 8 months pregnant, it didnt take long for things to start happening, I had my son on the 21st of January and thats when it all kicked off.

We would watch tv for an hour before settling down for the night and the tv would turn off and the remotes would go under the pillows.

Every morning around 4am we would be awoken by a smashing sound, it was the remotes flying at the built in wardrobes. At first we thought we might have been kicking them whilst we slept but upon further analysis it was almost impossible for them to travel that far and crash so hard against the wardrobe, it was a good 5ft between the bottom of the bed and the doors.

One day whilst we were sleeping we were suddenly awoken at 7am and we hear the song pump up the jam , me and my partner sat up looking confusingly at each other wondering where the sound was coming from and as my partner got up to inspect the sound and follow it, it had stopped. 

We got comfy and starting drifting back to sleep and then its was there again pump up the jam pump it up pump it up.. my partner jumped up and follwed the sound to his wardrobe to a coat he hadn’t wore since the 90’s (bit of an hoarder) the pocket was illuminated by a phone and its alarm going off that was the song. 

My partner was so confused because this phone hasnt been used or charged for at least 5 years. I still to this day cant figure out why it did it that. The phone hasn’t come back on since this had happened.

We have had strange feelings of being watched and bits and bobs have often been moved from one place to another.

When my son was only a few months old he started noticing his surroundings and would often smile and gurgle at empty space. 

One day after his bath I laid him on the bed to dry him. He randomly started laughing at a corner of our bedroom. I didnt take much notice as I was dressing him but the giggles continued all the time we lived there always at the same corner of the bedroom. I didnt mind that they seemed to keep him happy.

One of the strangest things to happen was when one of our fish ended up on the chopping bored in the kitchen, It had somehow travelled from the living room.

We have always had the feeling of been watched while in the bathroom . I could often feel eyes burning at the back of my head and when I turned around nobody was ever there.

A friend came to stay over once for a couple of nights while my partner was working away, she said she hated the spare room she felt uncomfatable and felt as if she was been watched.

On the second night of her stay she woke me by screaming. I ran into the bedroom and she was trying to get her breathe she had red marks all around her neck, she said she had been woken up by a strangling feeling. I decided to go down stairs and make her a cup of tea to calm her nerves. As I switched the light on it exploded and glass went everywhere, I know this could have just been a power surge but with what had just happend I have to question it.

A light bulb exploded after Terri’s friend felt as though she had been strangled

It wasn’t long after that we decided to move but that was nothing to do with the ghostly going ons.

A few years have passed since that house and recently I was scrolling down a mediums page when I saw a post urging for whoever the post fitted to contact them. Low and behold it was for me, the medium told me of an older gentleman being around her and he was telling her lots of personal stuff about me. Things what she couldnt have known. He also gave her the number 23 at the time I couldnt place it, a few days later I realised what the significance wasn’t so I contacted her directly and told her what I believed it meant. H

She proceeded to say it was the one in the corner of the bedroom, keeping my son smiling and that he wasnrt the one scaring me but that he couldnt get rid of the horrible man who was.

So now when we feel a presense we say hi to my grandads spirit.

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