The mysterious case of Elisa Lam

The death of Elisa Lam is possibly one of the most bizzare cases I have ever come accross.

She was found inside a water tank, naked with what seemed to be no possible way inside.

The only way inside the tank was via a small locked door.

She was only discovered when guests, staying at the hotel complained about the quality of their drinking water.

Elisa was found dead and naked inside a sealed water tank

The Cecil hotel in Los Angeles is a well known hotspot for suicides.

Many noted serial killers have stayed there over the years and the place is well documented for the amount of paranormal activity that is said to occur on the premises.

The Cecil Hotel, La is a well known paranormal hotspot

Before she died Elisa was spotted 3 weeks before via CCTV, acting crazy in an elevator. The camera footage showed her stepping in and out of the elevator, waving her arms around. She appeared to be fighting an unseen entity.

Many people believe she was being attacked by a demonic force, a possible possession attempt even.

This CCTV footage was the last time she was seen alive.

Elisa Lam – The Last Time She Was Seen Alive

The case remains a mystery.

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