Fairies, Do they exist?

For hundreds of years mankind has pondered over the possibility that Fairies do indeed exist.

Many stories have told how they are magical beings that are extremely rare to see, usually living in woodlands or back gardens, these supernatural creatures are also said to have a much darker side. Stories have told how they can be evil and mischievous and some have even told about how they abduct small babies.

Fairies are known to be both good and evil

Fairies are often described as human like in apperance with insect or butterfly type wings and magical powers.

Many believe fairies to be the Spirit’s of the dead, demons, interdimensional beings and possibly fallen angels, neither good enough to enter heaven or hell, simply trapped in the physical realm here on Earth.

One of the most famous tales of their existence is that of The Cottingley Fairies. In 1917 two cousins from Cottingley, Bradford, England had taken a series of five photographs which seemed to prove they were real. This later came to the attention of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle a famous writer who had been commissoned to write an article on the existence of Fairies. This inspired the nation to descend on the village of Cottingley in search of them.

Sometime in the 1980’s the girls admiited that the photographs were faked.

One of the five photos taken by the girls in 1917

One of the most recent claims of their existence comes from a rapper who took this photograph in the Welsh countryside in 2016

The image appears to show tiny winged creatures

full article here .

So is it possible that Fairies really do exist? Or are they simply a myth? One thing is for certain if you go to YouTube and search Fairie sightings you will find hundreds of videos that seem to show that they could be out there.

Kyle, Soul Reaper Paranormal

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