Where can we find Fairies?

Having an open mind will really help you in your quest to find Fairies. It is widely believed that one must be connected to mother earth in order to see these magical, mythological beings.

A vast quantity of people believe that Fairies only exist in England, Scotland and Ireland but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that every Continent on the world has its own local folklore and stories when it comes to these beings.

It is well known that these beings are not of our earthly plane but they exist in another dimension which overlaps ours.

So where can we find these amazing creatures?

Ideally the first thing we need to be looking for is a Fairy ring. These are usually made of plant life such as mushrooms or toadstools. They can also consist of small rocks, willow trees and other natural resources.

 It is important to note that if you do come across one of these fairy rings do not damage it in anyway as Fairies have a tendency to get angry as this is a place where they spend most of their time dancing and fooling around.

If you come across a Fairy ring it is important not to disturb it in anyway as this may anger and upset the Fairies

Fairies can be found almost anywhere in nature. Dipping their feet in a pond or hanging around a local stream seem to b some of their favourite places. People have seen them in their gardens, local woods, countryside and even in their homes.

If you ever go hunting for Fairies then the best pieces of equipment you can take is your digital camera and an open mind. Try to focus burst shots on foliage, cracks in rocks, edges of streams and ponds and even at the centre of the Fairy ring itself. It is important to keep an open mind and truly believe as they will only show themselves to people that are pure of soul and mean them no harm.

A possible fairy captured by urban explorer Andrew Barton

In a few days I will be heading out to try and capture these amazing creatures on camera.

Don’t be normal be paranormal.

Kyle, Soul Reaper Paranormal.

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