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Elementals, what are they?

Often the people at home, usually watching paranormal investigators will often come across the term Elementals. When I first started hunting Ghosts I too did not really know what they were and where they came from.

There are 4 types of Elementals that exist

So what are they?

Well Elementals are believed to be the guardians of the Earth and their job is to protect it and heal it.

It is widely believed that there are four types of Elementals that exist, they are, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. A Fire Elemental for example will carry energies associated with that Element.

Earth Elementals

There are many kinds of Earth Elementals that are thought to exist, here are some examples: Giants, Trolls, Dwarves, Gnomes and leprechauns. Their main role really is to work with the ground, Dwarves for example will mine and dig deep into the Earth, whilst Giants wonder around on the Earths surface. All this is done so that we can continue to survive.

An Elemental Dwarf

Air Elementals

Fairies and whisps are probably to main two in this category. Fairies have many different types and sub species, probably too many to name. Their main roles involve looking after small plant life, flowers and trees. Some Fairies even take care of small animals and insects, which in turn makes them vital contributors to the survival of our species.

Fairies, the protectors of plant life and insects

Fire Elelmentals

Everyone’s favourite right? Dragons, Phoenixes and the Great Salamanders to name only a few. Their main role is to cleanse the Earth using fire. Often burning down dead forests and scrub land so that new life may thrive.

The great flaming Phoenix 

Water Elementals

Mermaids are possibly the most well known Elementals, however there are others. Extremely rare and often silent, they have been known to lure many a sailor to his death, often by using extreme beauty as the bait. Their main role is to protect all life in the worlds rivers, oceans and seas.

Mermaids the protectors of the sea have been known to lead many men to their deaths.

Why can’t we see them?

They reside in a place called the Elemental Kingdom, a magical place hidden away from prying eyes.

The Elemental Kingdom is said to be a magical place that is hidden away from the human eye.

Just remember guys, just because you cant see something doesn’t mean it’s not there. Wherever nature exists then they will be there, watching us…..silently.



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