We all hear about haunted buildings but where did this term actually come from?

The word ‘haunt’ comes from the same root as ‘home’ and a haunted location is normally the former home of the deceased, or the place where an individual actually died.

More often than not, the favourite places of the deceased usually become haunted by the dead.

A building is usually considered haunted when there are, on a repeated basis, strange and inexplicable sounds, smells, sensations and apparitions caused by either a ghost or a spirit residing at that location. Usually these hauntings take place when an individual has suffered an untimely death.

High Royds Mental Asylum

There are many types of hauntings that can occur. Some can last for centuries and some for just a few days.

When the same thing happens over and over again this is what is known as a residual haunting. This is simply a moment from the past that is playing on a loop. The ghosts associated with residual hauntings are non intelligent, thus meaning they can not interact with the living.

Just because a place is deemed haunted does not mean that a spirit or a ghost will be seen. Sometimes you will hear voices and tapping, other times you may get the smell of perfume and cigars. If your are extremely unlucky and you have a negative haunting you may pick up on the smell of sulphur.

A haunting may not be experienced by everyone that is present, and even those who claim to be ‘sensitive’ might not experience the same thing that someone else has.

Almost every haunting has a story behind and that is the reason why many paranormal investigators and researchers like myself, enjoy this field.

Kyle Thompson – Soul Reaper Paranormal