In December 2011, The United utilities began work on constructing a wall around Blackmoss reservoir, Pendle.

While digging into the earth for the starting foundations an amazing, accidental discovery was made, one that would alone tell it’s own story from a time of superstition. It was a discovery so incredible that just the sight of it would simply take your breath away.

Unknowingly, below the earth sat a little cottage, almost like something out of a book, complete with potion bottles and the bodies of felines and in perfect, untouched condition, it sat waiting.

While digging into the earth for the starting foundations an amazing, accidental discovery was made

The Discovery

A worker digging out the foundations for the Blackmoss reservoir wall all of a sudden knew something wasn’t quite right. As he dug into the earth, man made bricks started to emerge.

Suddenly stopping he gets out of the digger to investigate and finds that he has just tore through the roof of a cottage. At first glance it just seems like an average cottage but when himself and his Co workers investigated a little more they found potion bottles just laying around and if that is not strange enough they then found the remains of cats wrapped in cloth buried within the brick work. And later on they found out that the building dates back to the 1600’s.

Witches, Animals And Superstition

So it was believed that witches had pets to do their evil bidding and these pets are refferred to as familiars. In addition to familiars another use for animals that witches had is that of animal sacrifices.

Here comes the superstition that puts a big twist in the idea of this being the witches cottage back in the 1600’s. It was a common practice back then for any average Tom, Dick or Harry to bury animals close to their property. Under the window, outside or under the actual building itself, this was considered a way to keep out anything unwanted, like black magic, demons and general negativity.

A Witches cottage is unearthed

Protect And Preserve

In April 2012 it was decided that it was in the best interest of the witches cottage to be reburied in order to try and preserve the building and the contents within it. This decision was made due to the bad weather causing damage and people removing parts of the building to take home as souvenirs.

If you know Pendle you can find the sight easily but the building itself is no longer visible as it is now once again covered with the earth.

Personally I feel the location alone has a great deal to offer but it is a real shame that we can no longer go and see what secrets were buried along with the cottage that day.

In 2012 it was decided that the cottage would be reburied in order to preserve it

Article By Jamie Lee Tappin