There can only be a few hauntings out there which are quite as bizarre as the Phantom Bus of Cambridge Gardens.

It was an early morning in 1934 when the Phantom Bus first came to the attention of the public. A motorist driving around Cambridge Gardens, suddenly swerved for no apparent reason. He was killed as his car hit a brick wall and then burst into flames.

During the inquest into his death, witnesses came forward to testify that a Phantom Bus was often seen, more or less at the exact same spot where this poor gentlemen had tragically lost his life.

Stories of the Phantom Bus first circulated after the events of 1934

The locals spoke of how the ‘phantom Vehicle’ would usually appear around 1.15am. This was the time that the crash actually occurred. They described their terror as the bus would often race along the centre of the road towards them. Also it was said that no driver was ever visible, and no lights were ever on.

So convinced that they were about to be involved in an head on collision , the motorists would swerve out of the buses path, and as they did this the vehicle would thunder past them. Whenever they turned around to look at the bus, they always found it had disappeared without a trace.

The number 7 London, Double-Decker, was last seen in May 1990.

Kyle Thompson – Soul Reaper Paranormal