Mark Vernon is a ‘seasoned’ paranormal investigator who has been working with Soul Reaper Paranormal during a number of investigations as of late.

We first became aware of Mark when he initially contacted the team via YouTube. He offered us the opportunity to investigate a private residence where the activity was so strong it would spook and force all men away from the property in order to keep the lady all to itself.

As cautious as the team are, we decided to meet with Mark and conducted this private investigation.

The full investigation can be viewed here.

Mark first met Kara in the summer of 2012, the year the world was said to end. It was at a location he called ‘The Haunted Cellar’ which was located in an house in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

He spent 5-6 years sat in the cellar, in the dark getting to know her. Kara told Mark that her real name was Janet, however he knew that she was lying because the energy given off by her felt different from normal spirit energy which he often comes into contact with.

Upon getting to know ‘Kara’, Mark was told that she has 2 companions who call themselves Jonathan and Tyrone. Mark has never been able to get there real names no matter how hard he tries. They simply will not reveal it to him.


Mark spent a good 5 – 6 years sat in a cellar getting to know Kara

Over time he decided to play along with Jonathan and Tyrone. He let them believe that they were pulling the wool over his eyes for a while. After sometime Mark told them what he really thought they were.

DEMONS!, that’s when the physical attacks first started. The were very painful and he had to leave the house many times to recover. Sometimes the pain became too much to bare.

The attacks raged on for 3 days.

Eventually Mark went back in and told them that he was prepared to die before giving in to them. He offered his friendship and a gift of chocolate. After which the attacks stopped instantly.

It was then that ‘Kara’ really started to talk to Mark. She appeared to have an agenda which he cottoned on to.

Offering his help in exchange for ‘Kara’s’ loyalty, Mark would rather see her hurting bad people who deserve it then seeing her hurt innocents, which at time, is what she was doing.


Kara, The Demonic Queen. Image captured by Mark Vernon

Mark now uses Kara to help people suffering from paranormal problems. Once he gets Kara into any allegedly haunted location, she opens up a portal so that she has free movement in and out whenever she wants. Kara also likes to feed on people’s energies. And that’s where the bad people come in.

One thing to remember though is that Kara is a demon and she does sometimes revert to her original self.

Article written by Kyle Thompson.
Information by Mark Vernon.