A ‘Spirit Guide’ is a term that is mainly used in western tradition by spiritualist churches, mediums and psychics.

Basically, a Spirit Guide is believed to be a disincarnated spirit that acts as a guardian and protector to the living.

And now you find yourself here, reading this article because you would like to know what methods they are using to communicate with you, am I right?

Well here are 5 ways they may be trying to make contact.

1. Music

Spirit guides are excellent when deciding exactly what kind of music you like and what you may need to hear at specific moments in your life. It could be that you hear a song you haven’t listened to for a very long time or even something you have never heard before.

Maybe you are feeling sad and need uplifting, or maybe a certain song holds a more deeper meaning to you. Some music can make you feel extremley emotional and you may not know why.

This is just your Spirit Guide trying to influence you in someway. Maybe you have had a break down in a relationship, this could be a sign that you have made the wrong decision and your guide is telling you to fight for what you love.

2. Through Dreams

Sometimes you may start noticing certain patterns in your dreams, you see the same thing, same place or person, whenever you dream.

This could be your Spirit Guide planting ideas into your mind, possibly even giving you inspiration to do something great or to go somewhere.

Take note if you can remember your dreams, it may just be the next step in your spiritual awakening.

Human eye looking in Universe - Elements of this image furnished
Spirit Guides have many different ways that they try to reach out to us. Don’t be afraid, simply embrace them

3. Smells and Odours

Your Guide knows exactly what kind of smells and odours trigger a loving sensation deep within you.

Smells which we often associate with love, sadness and worrying are all used by our Guides to make us aware of their presence.

If these smells continue to follow you around do not fear, it is probably just a friend watching over us.

4. Picking up objects and loose change

Have you ever started picking up loose change and other objects in totally random locations and have no idea why?

This could be your Guide leading you somewhere you need to visit, possibly taking you somewhere you haven’t been for a while, maybe you picked up an old coin near an old relatives house, or maybe they want you to walk a certain way to avoid trouble or maybe even find love.

This is your guide telling you to push on and don’t look back. Keep going forward and possibly rediscover yourself.

5. Literature

Have you ever read something and felt compelled to laugh or cry?

This could be your Guide trying to make contact with you through the power of emotions.

It may just take one small sentence to make you realise something about yourself.

Your Guide has been with you from the moment you took your first breath and they will be with you until the last, they know everything about you, they are only hear to help guide you along the right path.

All of the above are strong indications that your Spirit Guide is desperately trying to communicate and influence you.

It is important that you remain open to the possibilities of this world, after all its amazing we are even here at all.

Article By Kyle Thompson – Soul Reaper Paranormal