The stone tape theory is just that, a theory, but it is also something what ‘we’ Paranormal Investigators and Researchers take very seriously.

The theory speculates that ghosts and haunting’s in particular are analogues to tape recordings, and somehow the electrical, mental impressions or feelings released at the time of some emotional event or traumatic experience can somehow become locked in moist rocks or other items such as antiques and possibly even the land.

It is also believed that under the right conditions and the perfect moment in time, these snippets of the past, can somehow be replayed back to us like an old movie.

The Stone Tape Theory Suggests That Residual Energies Can Be Stored In Old Materials, Objects And Items

When people see a ghost and it doesn’t react, does this mean that they are just witnessing a specific moment in time? or is it simply the memories and feelings of people that have come to pass that are being observed by the living?.

Where did it all start?

The idea was first proposed by British Archaeologist turned Parapsychologist Thomas Charles Lethbridge, in 1961.

He believed that ghosts were not spirits of the deceased, but were simply recordings of specific moments in time.

A simple way to look at this is if you imagine you have recorded a film then somehow that film is leaked and someone else views it.

Article By Kyle Thompson – Soul Reaper Paranormal