Anne Boleyn has a reputation as being one of Britain’s most famous ghosts. She is often seen around Salle Church, The Tower Of London, Blicking Hall, Windsor Castle and many others.

Anne Boleyn was the second wife of Henry VIII. She was to be the second wife to bare him a daughter and Henry resented the fact that he wasn’t given the son he had always wanted.

This led to tragic circumstances for Anne, because having a second divorce wasn’t a viable option for Henry.

So off with her head it was!

Below is a short list of locations where the Ghost of Anne Boleyn has been seen over the years.


Ah the Tower Of London, Anne Boleyn’s place of death. She is most often reported here on the 19th of March, the anniversary of her death.

A captain of the guards once reported seeing a cloaked, female figure, however the face was obscured but the height and weight appeared to match that of Anne Boleyn and shortly after he saw her, she instantly vanished.

Another sighting sees her travel from the queens house to the chapel of St Peter, the place where her grave lies.

Other sightings include, white figures, shadow figured and even apparitions of Anne Boleyn without her head!


Here there are reports of Anne being seen, stood at the windows of Windsor Castle. And other reports say that she has been seen screaming and running down the corridor with clutching her head.

The headless ghost of Anne Boleyn is often reported at the Tower Of London


This was the place where King Henry The VIII and Anne Boleyn first met. Some even whisper that this was the place where Anne and the King would meet in secret, before his divorce to his first wife, Catherine of Aragon.

Reports from a previous owner say that there has been sightings of Anne here and also that sudden cold spots could often be experienced around the hall.


This was Anne Boleyn’c childhood home. She has reportedly been seen here around Christmas time. Usually she is seen under an oak tree on the property or casually walking over one of the bridges.


It appears that Anne has close emotional ties to each of these locations. Could the hauntings simply be residual energies? or could Anne really be Britain’s most famous ‘Wandering Spirit’?

Article Written By Jamie Lee Tappin