In Barbados during the year 1812, a strange mystery unfolded.
A sealed, family tomb was opened up to bury Colonel Thomas Chase, an affluent Englishman.

Prior to this, the tomb had already been opened 3 times in the past, in order to bury his wife and two daughters, and on each of these occasions, nothing was found to be out of order.

When the time come to bury Colonel Chase, the coffins were scattered all over the tomb, it was was as if they had been thrown through the air and allowed to fall to the ground.

Family members went on to assume that the tomb had been vandalised (even though there was no exterior proof of this), and the coffins were duly rearranged and the tomb would be sealed once more.

The chase family vault. Barbados

Over the next 8 years, whenever the tomb was opened, it was found to be in a state of disorder. And finally, in 1820, the governor of Barbados ordered the tomb to be unsealed.

He found that the sand laid on floor of the tomb was undisturbed but yet the coffins again had been violently moved. One of these coffins even appeared to have been thrown against the wall with such force that a deep gash was left in the stone.

This led to the family deciding to remove all the family coffins and bury them elsewhere, where they have remained untouched.

To me personally, it does not seem surprising that coffins are often the focus of alleged spiritual activity. One thing that did strike me as odd while researching and writing this article was the fact that surprisingly most cases of these ‘moving coffins’ do not actually take place in cemeteries but rather inside sealed vaults.

Some believe that it is because water seeps into or floods the vaults, which in turn, causes the coffins to float and warp. However, this can not explain the coffins movements in water tight vaults.

Paranormal researchers and scientists believe that it is poltergeists or restless spirits that are to blame for these coffin movements. And it is a well known fact that most of these cases occur when the dead died by their own hand, or were victims of foul play by another.

One thing is for certain I will be getting cremated. What about you?

Kyle Thompson – Soul Reaper Paranormal