In 1993, Jenny Cockell, a women from Northamptonshire, England, claimed that from being a child she would often have dreams about a women in a cottage, with a large family and an extremely abusive husband.

Jenny was plagued by these dreams and despite growing up and having her own family, she was convinced, that the women lived in Ireland. She was able to draw maps of the Irish town and even the household from memory.

Finally Jenny gave in to the feeling of unfinished business and traveled to Ireland, where she located the village. She discovered that the long-dead women of her dreams had lived in a cottage outside Dublin. Her name was Mary Sutton and after her death at an early age, her grandchildren had been separated and sent off to foster homes.

Jenny Cockell Has Been Plagued By Dreams

This led to the children never seeing each other again….. until Jenny stepped in.

She decided it was her responsibility to resolve this and she later tracked down several of the surviving children.

Organising a reunion in the house they had all shared, the children were astonished by the intimate details of their childhood that Jenny provided, particularly since she was years younger than Mary Sutton.

Could it be that Jenny Cockell was actually a reincarnation of Mary Sutton? or was she simply plagued by the spirit of an unhappy individual?

Kyle Thompson – Soul Reaper Paranormal