The Hinemoa was a British vessel that launched in 1892.

the sailors on board this doomed ship knew that the ballast had been taken from a graveyard, and they were all weary of sailing her out to sea.

During this voyage, Four sailors died of typhoid, the ship’s first captain went insane, the second ended up in prison. The third would die of alcoholism, the fourth passed away in mysterious circumstances inside of his cabin and the fifth went on to commit suicide.

The first captain of the Hinemoa went insane

According to the crew, the combination of graveyard ballast, and the bones of the four dead crew members were to blame for curse if the Hinemoa.

One thing is for certain, no one knows exactly what went on here, maybe all people aboard this ship were meant to die at some point, maybe there was no escaping deaths grasp.

To this day, it still remains a mystery as to why so many died when aboard this ship.

Kyle Thompson – Soul Reaper Paranormal