In 1995, a man named Terry Cottle shot himself in the head, which resulted in his death. Terry was on the organ donor list and his heart was later given to a 57-year-old man named Sonny Graham.

Later on, after Sonny had recovered from surgery, he went on to meet Terry Cottle’s widow, and this is where something strange and unexpected happened, they instantly fell in love.

They were married in 2004, and after four short years, their relationship ended tragically as Sonny had taken his own life, exactly the same way Terry Cottle did, by a bullet to the brain.

Peter Hesford shooting
Both men died exactly the same way

I find this story fascinating. could it all be down to a mathematical equation? was Sonny Graham always destined to kill himself this way?

I can’t imagine how the wife of both of these ill-fated men must have felt to lose two of the people she loved, in exactly the same way.

Kyle Thompson – Soul Reaper Paranormal