In the wilderness of Bavaria, Germany, 1922 a truly disturbing massacre took place. A total of six people were slain by the use of a farming implement. The death toll included women and children.

A first you may think that this sounds like any mass murder case, however, there were numerous things that occurred which would turn this into an unexplained mystery.

So let me explain further.

First of all, despite over 100 people being questioned, a suspect was never found. Strange rumours circulated about the farmstead being haunted by ghosts. Also, the attacks happened shortly after the arrival of a new maid, however, she was also killed during this massacre.

In turn, each of the victims was lured to the barn one by one before they were slain.

The six coffins of the slain victims

And it gets even weirder, evidence was later unveiled that suggested the murderer even stayed in the house for several days after the atrocities had taken place.

Even decades later, further investigations have taken place but brought about no charges.

Was something supernatural to blame or was it simply a very clever criminal who has literally got away with murder?

Kyle Thompson – Soul Reaper Paranormal