Less than half a mile from Venice, Italy lies an island with a dark and sinister past, Poveglia.

For centuries Poveglia had been a refuge for the damned, a military stronghold, a place for exiles and even an asylum for the diseased, dying and deceased.

In the year 421, the first inhabitants were welcomed onto the island. Men, women and children who had fled the barbaric invaders of  Europes mainland, all sought shelter here.

In 1348 the Bubonic plague ( Black Death ) had arrived in Venice and Poveglia and that is when the island like many others in the region became a quarantined colony.


The plague was so bad that one out of three Europeans died. As panic consumed Europe, the decision was made by Venice, to exile anyone showing symptoms of the plague to Poveglia.

At the island’s center, the dead and those too sick to protest were burned on giant pyres in order to control the spread of the plague, this number also included the tens of thousands of citizens who had died on the mainland and surrounding islands.

Many years after the fires had been extinguished and the plague had disappeared, Napoleon’s military campaign used the islands ghostly stories and it’s advantageous defendable position to protect vast stores of gunpowder and weapons.

From the late 1800’s and onwards, the island had an asylum which housed many of the areas mentally ill. And in the 1930’s rumors circulated that a Doctor was conducting strange experiments on the patients who were staying there. Eventually, the Doctor went mad and threw himself from the asylums bell tower. Even though the bell was removed decades ago, locals still claim that sometimes the bell can still be heard echoing.

All that remains is urban decay

To this day locals and tourists are prohibited from visiting and local fisherman stay clear of the accursed waterways. Even the construction teams who had hoped to restore the former hospital suddenly stopped working, for which no official explanation was given.

This left locals to speculate that dark and sinister forces were still at work.

Kyle Thompson – Soul Reaper Paranormal