Situated just south of Mexico City, you can find a small mysterious island that is home to a sad story all of its own.

It is dedicated to the lost and wandering soul of a little girl, who sadly passed away in the strangest of circumstances.

The island known as ‘Isla de las Munecas’ (Island of the Dolls), is no ordinary island as it is home to literally hundreds of decaying dolls.

Their decapitated heads, severed limbs, and soulless eyes, all wait to greet you, as you enter this mysterious island by boat.

Ghost Adventures Zak Bagans Stands Nervously On The Island Of The Dolls

The legend says that the caretaker of the island, Don Julian Santana Barrera, was the one who had found the poor girls body. It is believed that she had drowned in mysterious circumstances.

Shortly after, Don Julian saw a floating doll in the canals. He believed this doll belonged to the girl, so he picked it up and hung it to a tree, as a mark of honor and respect for girls lost and wandering spirit.

Don Julian believed that he was being haunted by the spirit of the girl and shortly afterward, he began hanging up more in an attempt to please not only her but the other spirits which he claimed were attached to the other dolls.

Island of dolls.png
Don Julian began hanging up more and more dolls in an attempt to please the attached spirits

Local legend says that some of these dolls have been seen moving and others have even been open and closed their eyes as and when they wish.

After 50 years of hanging dolls around the island, Don Julian’s body was found in the exact same place as the girls, whom he had discovered over half a century ago.

Since Don Julian’s death in 2001 the island has become a tourist attraction and the island has featured in many articles and TV shows including Ghost Adventures.

As a paranormal investigator myself, I have always been truly fascinated with this story and this is one place that is definitely on my bucket list.

Kyle Thompson – Soul Reaper Paranormal