In 1995, after being convicted of rape and having served a three-year prison sentence, Mike Tyson and Peter Mcneeley battled it out in the ring. The fight was held at MGM Grand Las Vegas, Paradise, Nevada

Mike Tyson vs Peter McNeeley
The two squared off at the MGM Grand Arena

As exciting as the fight was, something else was captured during the spectacle. A possible Time Traveller?

The resolution at the time makes it difficult to determine the features of the device.

Below you will see a video which claims to have captured a spectator taking photographs of the fight using something many are referring to as a modern-day smartphone, a piece of technology which did not exist at the time.

The devices below, in my opinion, could look a lot like a modern-day smartphone from a distance. These were all readily available at the time of the fight, so it is possible that one of these were being used?

Just a small selection of some of the camcorders available at the time

The first real smartphones were not mass produced until 2000, so it is possible that someone may have had a possible prototype device but the truth is we just don’t know.

This is not the first time travellers have been caught on camera. There are many videos and photos circulating the internet which claim to have captured them.

So what do we think? Is it possible that someone from the future went back in time to record a great fight that lasted only one round?

Who knows right?

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