Spiritual Attachment is a term that in my eyes is thrown around far too often. This is almost certainly due to the increase in paranormal investigations that are happening all over the world.

So let me start with the basics, a spiritual attachment is exactly that. A person has the energies or spirit of a dead person, entity or otherworldy creature attached to them. We often find that most mean us harm and are usually parasitic and demonic in nature, however, some are good and kind, like the attachment I have who calls himself the Bishop.

Rare cases do exist in the world where people have gained an attachment suddenly find themselves able to excel in things that they had no talent for before such as writing, sports, art, and music.

Could it be that these attachments have the ability to change the way we are as a person? as a whole? I don’t know, however, one thing I do know is that the majority of cases are not pleasant for the victim at all.

During one of our investigations, A lady by the name of Emma called us to investigate claims she was being haunted and plagued by a negative entity. This attachment was very difficult and in the end, I believe that through the help of the Bishop we found a way to help her.

The attachment was very demonic in nature and it was slowly destroying Emma by planting negativity into her mind and trying to force her to commit suicide.

The full investigation can be viewed below.

Why Do Spirits Attach Themselves?

Well, there are many reasons an attachment can happen to anyone but some of the main reasons as to why are listed below:

There is the theory that attachments can occur because earthbound spirits often find comfort in re-living some of the physical aspects of what they enjoyed during the time that they were alive. Some are of these spirits are often confused and unaware that they have passed into the spirit world.

Sometimes the dead seek and crave human interaction with the living, and by attaching themselves to another makes them feel whole. And it is also quite possible that spirits may accidentally attach themselves to an individual too.

Some spirits also deliberately seek out the energies of the living in order to become a more powerful entity. These type of attachments are usually negative and very parasitic in nature and more often than not they are referred to as a demonic attachment.

Over time and after feeding on numerous hosts this type of attachment can become so powerful that it can even launch a physical attack on a living person.

Sometimes these attacks are so severe that an exorcism may be performed by the Church.

Some attachments become so powerful that they can launch a physical attack on the host

Why They Choose A Certain Individual?

People with a history of drug and alcohol abuse make easy targets. Drugs and excessive alcohol intake diminish the body’s natural aura making it easy for them to attach.

Paranormal Investigators like myself often have a spirit either shadowing or attaching itself to them. These spirits are often picked up during an investigation. The attachment that I have is actually good, and basically what he does is comes to a location with me and helps communicate with the spirits that linger there.

Usually, these attachments will hang around for a few days and they are usually harmless. More likely than not they may just be interested in you.

People who dabble in the occult and dark arts are at a heightened risk than most. And usually, these type of attachments are malevolent in nature. Too often than not we hear about people who have messed around with an ouija board suddenly suffering from extreme paranormal activity, sleep paralysis and bad luck.

The most common negative attachment is often described as a shadow being.

What Are The Signs Of A Spiritual Attachment?

Following: This is where a spirit or entity may be showing an interest in you as an individual. They are not yet physically attached but they are in the vicinity. People who are being followed often report the feeling of being watched.

Shadowing: Is basically when the spirit that has been following has an increase in strength and somehow it has gotten physically closer to you. The feelings of being watched and followed increase dramatically and if you think that you’re not alone then you are almost certainly right.

Attachment: After been followed and shadowed an attachment will take place. The above feelings will be extreme and it will occur day and night. This is known as ‘oppression’

Possession: This is extremely rare but it can occur, and it has occurred. This is the final stage and it is quite simple, the entity that has attached itself now has complete control over that individual. This is when an exorcism is often performed but it is not always guaranteed to work.

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