Hadrian’s wall also known as the Picts’ wall, was built under the orders of Emporer Hadrian in the year 122 AD by a force of 15,000 men. And the Roman wall stretched from coast to coast for a staggering 80 miles.

In 2016 amateur photographer Stuart Murray was out with a group of friends during the night trying to get pictures of the Northern Lights.

While taking some test shots the 26-year-old security engineer captured an image which at first he thought was nothing more than a stray sheep that had wandered into the shot.

The alleged apparition only appeared on the one photograph and when he went over to inspect the area Stuart discovered that there was nothing there.

The Ghost Of A Roman Soldier
It Was A Clear Night When The Ghost Of The Roman Soldier Was Captured

It is well known that Hadrian’s wall is a hotspot for paranormal activity, with people often reporting seeing the Spirit of a Roman soldier patrolling the wall.

I really do love this photo and I do feel that it is genuine. The number of reports that flood in from this area are truly incredible and one-day Soul Reaper Paranormal will go to Hadrian’s wall in search of this lonesome warrior.

Kyle Thompson – Soul Reaper Paranormal