Also known as the Fort Of Ghosts, Bhangarh Fort was actually a small city that was made up of temples, gates, and palaces before it was finally abandoned in the late 1700’s.

There exist two fantastic stories of how the fate of Bhangarh was sealed.

One is that of a curse from a holy man who forbade the height of the buildings to be taller than his own. It is said that when one of the buildings cast a shadow over his house the man became angry and placed a curse upon the fort.

It Is Believed That A Curse Was Placed Upon The Fort

The next is even more amazing.

It is said that a wizard tried to place a spell on the princess of Bhangarh and when she discovered and foiled his plot to make her fall in love with him, the wicked wizard placed a curse upon the city.

Today locals believe that if anyone enters the city at night they will never return, and the paranormal activity said to take place there is centered around the dancer’s house and the marketplace.

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