In 1957, two young sisters aged 6 and 11, and the only children of the Pollock family from Hexham, Northumberland, were tragically killed in a car accident by a woman who had recently decided to take her own life.

The girl’s father, John Pollock, was a very strong believer in the afterlife and reincarnation. When his wife announced that she was pregnant many months after the death of their daughters, John prophesied that she would give birth to not only one but two girls.

The family doctor detected only one foetus in the womb of Florence Pollock, and she herself refused to believe her husbands claim that she would give birth to twin girls, who John believed to be his daughter’s reincarnations.

On the 4th of October 1958, Florence Pollock gave birth to twin girls. One of these girls had a faint white mark on her forehead that almost perfectly matched the scar on the head of one of their dead daughters. The other twin had an identical birthmark to the other dead daughter.

The Pollock Twins Would Begin To Remember Their Past Lives

These strange coincidences didn’t stop there. The girls would later go on to recognise the school that their sisters had attended, they knew various facts about the dead girls’ childhoods, and they could even correctly name their deceased siblings’ dolls.

The most convincing part of this story for me though is the fact that the girls were often found together, one cradling the other, and talking about blood pouring from her mouth, just as it had during the accident which had occurred.

When the twins reached five years of age the incidents had ceased to occur and the girls have no memory of what happened.

The case of the ‘Pollock Twins’ remains unexplained.

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