Soul Reaper Paranormal

''Death is not the end, it's just the beginning''


Below you will find just a small selection of equipment that we as a team use during our Paranormal investigations.rempodThe Rempod – possibly one of the main pieces of equipment used by modern day paranormal investigators. The device works by creating it’s own electromagnetic field. When this magnetic bubble is broken the device alarms and illuminates to indicate the possible presence of a spirit.


K2 Meter – this again is another popular tool used to detect spikes in electromagnetic fields. These spikes are then shown via the use of coloured lights at the top of the meter. An increase in the amounts of lights can indicate possible communication with spirits.


Digital Camera – personally a firm favourite. This piece of equipment is used mostly during our investigations to take random photographs throughout the night. I cant stress the importance of the digital camera enough, it is a must. One photo has the potential to change everything we know. On average Soul Reaper Paranormal will take at least 300 photos during a standard investigation.


EVP Recorders –  these play a valuable role during our paranormal investigations. Usually we leave them in a sealed off room and sometimes we will mount them to a static camera. The aim of the EVP recorder is to capture spiritual voices not often heard by the naked ear.


Digital Camcorder – We have around 4 different types of digital camcorders that we use throughout our paranormal investigations. Mostly they are used to video the team as we conduct our experiments. The cameras which are not in use are usually utilised as a static camera somewhere else during the investigation.



Spirit Box / Ghost Box – The PSB-7 is the most important device in our arsenal. The spirit box works by scanning through various radio frequencies at a set rate. It is believed that spirits can manipulate this device in order to speak to us. We have had some class A responses whilst using this device and we firmly have 100% faith that this device does indeed work.



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