Soul Reaper Paranormal

''Death is not the end, it's just the beginning''

Kyle Thompson

So most of you know me as the founder and lead investigator of Soul Reaper Paranormal.

I have only been in this field for just over 2 years, however, I had nothing but paranormal experiences and encounters as I grew up.

It wasn’t until I joined the British Military that I truly started to believe. I would often ask myself the question, where do we go when we die? It was all I could think about, should the worse happen.

The military was one of the worst but also best times in my life. It was here where I started conducting my research into the paranormal field.

Upon leaving the army I decided I wanted to explore the field and become a paranormal investigator. Most of our loyal die-hard fans may know me from a previous paranormal investigations team, to whom I hold no malice, only respect, even though our beliefs and views had changed.

It was during my time in the military that I decided to dig deeper into the paranormal

this to me was a sign, and I took it upon myself to start my own team and to begin my own journey.

I initially started off on my own, and now I have an amazing team, who are just as passionate about the afterlife as I am.

I pride myself on staying out of other peoples dramas. And I will not allow neither fans or our own investigators to get involved with the poison that circulates within this field.

I believe that one day we will prove that the afterlife exists, even though we may have already.


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